Collection: California DOJ /TSA Approved In-Vehicle Gun Safe Vault | Titan Under Bed Gun Safe – Titan Security Products Inc.

Take your self-defense capabilities up a notch by investing in high-grade patented under-bed gun safes and in-vehicle legal carry gun vaults for cars. Crime incidents can never be eliminated, and staying well-equipped to deal with unforeseen incidents is recommended. However, carrying a gun requires a permit or an accessible automobile handgun safe that’s compliant with your state laws.

We stock efficient, robust, and quick-access in-vehicle gun safes, desk gun vaults, and under-bed gun safes with mechanical lock systems that require no app, keys, or batteries.

Our handgun and pistol car safes are made with impeccable attention to detail to meet your personal preferences and unique requirements. From a fail-safe locking system to patented, quick auto-delivery holsters, our Titan under-the-bed and in-vehicle gun safes offer ample valuable features.

Stay safe on the road or at home and whip out your firearm faster than an assailant or intruder can ask you to put your hands up. Get our handgun vaults for cars at competitive rates today!