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Why You Need A Vehicle Gun Safe

Being an armed citizen comes with a wide range of responsibilities and precautions to take care of, especially when you live with children and pets. One of such obligations is to invest in high-quality gun safes to keep your guns away from children’s reach at all times. Vehicle gun safes are excellent devices for keeping firearms where they need to be, reducing the risk of theft and firearm-related emergencies.


Read on to learn why you need a vehicle gun safe.

A Necessity Due to a Vehicle’s Compromised Security

Regardless of how strong and high-quality your car’s locks and auto glass are, your vehicle’s safety is somehow compromised in one way or another. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were around 721,885 thefts of motor vehicles across the United States in 2019. Such numbers increase the need for handgun owners to invest in a safety measure that’ll keep them and their belongings safe when they’re now around their cars.


Luckily, a vehicle gun safe has various features to keep your gun safe inside the car, protecting it from the risk of being stolen by a potential motor thief. Attaching this safe to a car’s structural surface such as the floor can keep the criminals at bay by protecting your weapon at all times.

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Lightly Built Than Gun Vaults

Another reason why you should invest in a vehicle gun safe is that it’s significantly lighter in size and weight than a regular gun vault. In other words, it can be a hassle to carry a heavy gun vault in your car every time you travel with a handgun in your vehicle.


A vehicle gun safe will save you from this hassle by being a highly convenient accessory to keep your pistol out of reach of children, thieves, or anyone else. However, it’s critical to keep the vehicle safe for pistols only. These storage devices can’t handle the weight of other weapons and firearms.

An Effective Short-Term Storage

Vehicle gun safes are excellent storage accessories for times when you think it’s appropriate to travel with a pistol or handgun in your vehicle. Apart from preventing motor theft, these are perfect for short-term storage when you need to keep the gun away from children and pets while driving.


It’s always a better idea to treat these devices as temporary storage because they might put you and your weapon at risk of catching fire due to their metallic features. Therefore, you must use them when you absolutely need to and invest in a gun vault for your pistol’s permanent storage.



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