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What Can Parents Do To Keep Their Children Away From Guns?

 In the United States, firearms are a reality of life and a matter of fierce discussion. Do you know that almost a third of American households with children have firearms in their possession? As many as 4.6 million children in the United States have access to unlocked, loaded weapons. That's a worrying figure when you consider that even young children can find unlocked weapons in the house and are powerful enough to squeeze the trigger.

The dangers of having a gun in your home, especially for children, may not be obvious to you at first. Children and teenagers in the United States are becoming the main victims of gun violence. Guns in the household significantly contribute to accidental gunshot deaths, suicide attempts, and homicide. On that note, let's look at how parents can keep their children safe from guns.

1.    Ask About Guns Before Dropping Your Kid Off To Their Friends

It's vital to keep your household gun-safe or gun-free to protect your children, but it's only one part of the issue. It would help if you also took precautions to keep your child safe from firearms when visiting the residences of friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Be sure to ask, "Is there an accessible gun in your residence?" before your kid goes to playdates or visits another household. Initially, it may feel odd, but you'll quickly discover that most families are unfazed by the query.

2.    It Is Important To Know That Sometime Gun Awareness Programs Aren't Enough

Several programs are available to help teach children the proper way to handle a firearm. For the most part, evidence shows that such initiatives do nothing to reduce the number of firearms-related deaths and injuries among young people.

A child's natural interest in guns will certainly override any lessons learned from these programs, making it difficult to recall the safety precautions when confronted with a potentially lethal loaded firearm.

3.    Keep Guns Unloaded And Away From Its Ammunition

Ensure that all firearms in your house are locked and empty and that the ammo is also locked away. Don't leave the credentials or passwords to lock boxes or handgun safes open for children and teenagers to get their hands on them. Ensure you don't leave loaded firearms unattended in your vehicle or anywhere around your property.

4.    Use A Gun Safe

One of the most effective ways to keep your handgun from the reach of your children is by keeping it in a handgun safe. These handgun safes offer comprehensive security and give you peace of mind that your handgun is out of sight and out of reach from your children.


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