Should You Store a Loaded Gun in A Safe?

Should You Store a Loaded Gun in A Safe?

One of the many things gun owners often think about is whether they can keep a loaded gun in their safe or if the risks outweigh the security benefits.

While the question is undeniably a serious point of concern, there’s no definitive answer to the question. But you can take some important things into considerations before you put your loaded gun in a safe.

Are You Keeping the Gun Safe at Your Home?

Approximately, 40% of unintentional fatal shootings among children in the US occur at home. A majority of these cases occur because children get access to a loaded gun kept in a substandard safe.

While you need to access the gun when there’s a need, it’s also critical to remember that gun handling is not something many people are adept at.


If, however, you need to keep it loaded, make sure you’re using a premium quality, quick access gun safe and that you’re storing it safely. Also, make sure that its keys or lock combinations are hidden from underage people at your home.

Technical Problems

While you may already be familiar that repeatedly unloading and reloading a gun doesn’t affect your handgun’s efficiency but doing it with the same rounds can become problematic with time. Make sure that that you rotate your rounds before reloading and unloading and don’t forget to fire off the reloaded ones regularly to keep your gun in a good working condition.

Adequate Maintenance

Unfortunate situations can occur anywhere anytime. Many people tend to keep their guns in their cars to ensure that they can promptly save their family and children if they encounter such a situation.

A lot of times, gun owners keep their guns loaded in their vehicles and then forget about its maintenance. Because of your negligence towards gun maintenance, your gun can get jammed when there’s danger. To prevent this, try to take out some time from your routine to clean and lubricate your handgun.

If you’re keeping a loaded gun in a gun safe, try hanging a bright tag on the gun or the safe, advertising that it’s unloaded, to prevent any mishap.

Want to Store a Loaded Gun?

Improper holstering and storage of firearms often leads to accidental discharge. If you want to store a loaded gun safely, use a Titan Vault gun vault with a built-in holster. If you use a high quality vault with a built-in holster, you can considerably reduce the chances of accidental discharge. It requires you to lean your finger outside the safe to extract the gun.

Looking for a Premium Quality Gun Safe in California?


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