Preventing Unintentional Shootings in California | A Guide

Preventing Unintentional Shootings in California | A Guide

The term, ‘’unintentional’’ is widely used in public health to demonstrate a death or injury that’s not caused purposefully. They can either be self-inflicted or inflicted by someone else. Thousands of people in America become victims of unintentional shootings every year. We can only prevent this from happening by educating people about gun safety. The risk of unintentional shootings or accidental discharge of a gun increases because of the unsafe storage of firearms. Unintentional firearm injuries account for nearly 37% of nonfatal firearm injuries and less than 2% of deaths.

How to Prevent Unintentional Shootings

Easy access to guns and firearms, taking of firearms at risky places, and unsafe firearm storage are common factors that lead to unintentional shootings. Safer storage practices can significantly reduce these accidents.

Here are some ways to prevent unintentional firearm deaths and injuries:

Safe Storage

To reduce access to firearms, gun owners need to store them safely. This strategy is highly recommended by researchers, gun owners, and healthcare professionals alike. If someone is storing their gun at home, they should make sure they’re using a premium quality gun safe that’s inaccessible for their children. Besides, ammunition should be stored separately, and the combination should not be fairly simple.

Safety Technology

While technological advancements have revolutionized every aspect of our lives, we can reasonably assume that the solution to the risk of firearm injuries can also be found in technological solutions. At Titan Vault, we encourage evaluating and developing technological solutions to improve firearm safety. We holster firearms in our Safes to prevent accidental discharge of your weapon. When you draw your gun from our safe finger, always stay above the trigger.



Lethal means safety counseling is a highly effective strategy to prevent unintentional firearm deaths and injuries. It’s primarily an evidence-based healthcare intervention that assists healthcare professionals in working with gun-owning patients and their families to improve their firearm storage practices and mitigate the injury risk. More in-depth counseling should be offered to patients with dementia or other medical conditions that may impair their cognition and judgment abilities.

Stricter Laws

Development and Deployment of extreme risk laws can be a highly effective mechanism for reducing firearm usage by individuals at high risk for unintentional injury. This includes people with dementia and other conditions that may affect their judgment and cognition.



Titan Compact Vault Bundle

To prevent unintentional shootings, we recommend our customers use gun safes that feature a sequential mechanical lock as they protect your gun safe from advanced hacking techniques. 

If you’re looking for the finest mechanical bedside gun safes and car gun vaults in California, you’re at the right place. Consider the products we offer here at Titan Vault. We offer California-approved gun safes at the most affordable prices.

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