New Bill Banning Gun Shows at Orange County Fairgrounds: A Rundown

New Bill Banning Gun Shows at Orange County Fairgrounds: A Rundown

Ban on Gun Shows at Orange County Fairgrounds

The Los Angeles Times recently reported about the new bill that was approved in California, which proposed the ban of firearm trade and commerceon state-runproperties. Later, it was amended to only apply to Orange County fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

The news further indicates that the bill has finally been signed into law. That is to say, the gun shows that have brought millions in profit to the district since 1995, won’t be conducted in the region anymore.

The bill, Senate Bill 264, was introduced by Sen. Dave Min, as a major constituent of the gun-related safety bills approved by Gov. Gavin Newsom prior to the Oct. 10 target. The bill is expected to take effect on Jan 1, ruling out and prohibiting gun and ammunition commerce on the property controlled by OC Fair & Event Center.

Given the increasing number of gun-based crimes and murder rates in the US, Senator Min considers it a major step towards reducing gun violence. He regards the profits earned with these shows as, ‘’blood money’’, and believes that they are a center of trade of gun parts and unlicensed guns.

The initiative also entails approval on some other measures related to gun safety, including but not limited to Assembly Bill 1057. This bill was presented by Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, and it permits law enforcement members to confiscate unlicensed Unregistered guns from individuals convicted for domestic crimes or have restraining orders against them because of gun-related activities.

Gun Shows’ Revenue

According to the OC Fair & Event Center, gun shows have contributed about $7,053,868 to the district, since their inception in 1995; excluding the additional profits related to parking charges. In 2021 only, three-gun shows were organized, which accumulated over $125,000. The fourth gun show was anticipated by the gun enthusiasts for Thanksgiving weekend, but the plans have yet to be affirmed by the board members.

Senator Min believes that there are other ways to earn revenue and believes that he represents a majority of people in the district! What do you think?


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