How Safe Gun Storage Can Reduce Gun Crimes

Gun owners can put their communities and homes at risk or make them safer, depending on how they store their guns. If you keep your guns unsafe, use poor quality gun safes, and are reckless towards your gun risk, then you’re certainly violating several gun safety rules and may end up in jail for a conviction if an accident takes place because of its mishandling or inadequate storage.

Contrary to this, keeping your gun in a safe place and storing it in a high-quality safe, would potentially help you prevent gun deaths associated with suicide cases and accidental or unintentional shootings, around you.

How Safe Gun Storage Works

In California, there are strict access prevention laws and if a minor gets access to a gun, the person who fails to secure the gun is held liable.

When the guns are kept unloaded, and locked in high-quality gun safes, separately from its amputation, the likelihood of accidental shootings reduces substantially.

According to a study, in the households where guns are firearms are securely stored, there is a 78% reduced risk of suicidal attempts and self-inflicted harm. The same study also indicates that safe gun storage in households reduces the risk of unintentional gun injuries among teens and children, by 85%.

What Stats Say

  • About 54% of gun ownersin the US don’t lock their firearms securely.
  • About 350 childrenor teenagers below the age of 18, shoot themselves or other people unintentionally. These cases typically occur when the gun owner, doesn’t store their gun safely.
  • Nearly 6 million US childrenlive in households where there’s at least one firearm, that’s stored unsafely i.e. it’s not properly locked in a safe, or is kept unloaded without any lock.
  • Approximately 80% of the shooterswho cause gunfire incidents on school grounds, get the gun from their home or their relatives’ homes or friends’ homes.

What You Can Do

  • Don’t think that your kids are safe if the firearm is stored at a place that’s out of their sight. You need to keep your guns in premium gun safes and store their ammunition separately.
  • As a responsible US citizen, you also need to inform other gun owners about the gun storage laws and should model responsible behavior when a gun is around.

Get Premium Quality Gun Safe

 A titan gun safe

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Disclaimer: The information provided in the content above is only meant for educational purposes. We don’t support any kind of gun violence or any other gun-related crime.


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