Gun Safety & Suicide Prevention: A Rundown

Gun Safety & Suicide Prevention: A Rundown

Firearms are one of the most common suicide methods in the US. It accounts for almost two-thirds of the overall firearm deaths in the country. Easy gun accessibility increases an individual’s risk of a suicide attempt, threefold.

After purchasing a firearm, gun owners should be careful about its safety. They need to protect it from anyone who may cause intentional or unintentional damage to someone by the lethal weapon.

Several studies on the subject indicate that reducing the accessibility of firearms and other high-dose medications to people at times of crisis, can potentially save lives. According to a study, gun owners who safely store their guns in locked gun safes can reduce the risk of firearm-related suicide by 60% as compared to the ones who overlook the gun safety guide.

Best practices for gun storage include locking the gun in a secure and reliable gun safe, gun case, or a cabinet According to a survey on 1,444 US gun owners, over half of the gun owners in the US don’t store their guns safely.

 By spreading awareness about safe firearm storage, we can significantly mitigate the rate of gun violence and suicide.

Risks of Gun Ownership

According to a study, owning a gun can significantly increase the risk of unintentional shootings, suicide, and homicides. You can however reduce the risk by using top-quality gun safes.

The study also mentions that nearly 34% of homes where guns aren't stored safely, have children below the age of 18. Gun owners with children at home are 44% more likely to store their guns safely.

In 2016, there were approximately 1,637 firearm deaths in the US among children and early teens and 39% of these deaths were by suicide. This number has significantly increased in recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another study indicates that safe storage of firearms and ammunition can reduce the risk of self-inflicted firearm injuries by 78%.

Busting the Myth!

Many people believe that gun storage devices defeat the primary purpose of keeping a gun as it hinders accessibility when needed.

There are, however, numerous gun storage options for gun owners today that not only help in keeping your gun safe, but also offer quick access to the gun owner.

Gun owners are responsible for keeping their guns safe from children and other family members who may harm themselves if they get an opportunity.

Besides, approximately 200,000 to 500,000 guns are stolen every year, and most of them are channeled into the underground market. This way, a significant number of legally-owned guns end up in the hands of people with dangerous crime histories. To prevent this situation from happening, it’s integral for gun owners to keep their guns in high-quality gun safes.


The number of suicides in the US has significantly increased in recent years. Among several other factors that contribute to the suicide risks, an important one (also the one that’s in your control!) is gun accessibility.


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Safe gun storage is a key part of suicide prevention. Gun owners need to lock their guns and limit access to them. According to research, people experiencing suicidal crises won’t easily find another means of suicide if they don’t have access to a lethal device. Removing access to guns allows the moment of the intense suicidal urge to pass and for someone else to intervene and provide mental health support. 

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