Gun Safety & Child Access Prevention: A Rundown

Gun Safety & Child Access Prevention: A Rundown

Sometimes, talking down and forbidding something is more than likely to get the opposite of it done. The same goes for children getting a hold of your guns. It can have major consequences. Recently, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was involved in a tragic incident during a movie shoot when a gun went off, fatally wounding the cinematographer and injuring the director. Such events are a strong reminder of stricter gun safety requirements. Looking to prevent kids from getting access to guns? These are some tools that can help get the job done:

What Not to Do

Children are inquisitive by nature. You can forget about placing something in a random part of your home, and they're more than likely going to find it in their searches. It's very common for gun owners to hide their guns from kids in various spots of the house. The rationale behind such a move is that kids might never look there.

It's only a matter of time till a kid has enough time on their hands and ends up finding a weapon they shouldn’t be wielding. The reality is that they’re more than likely to stumble onto it in one of their games. Don’t leave your guns lying around different parts of the house. If you’re going to keep it hidden, get a safe at the very least.

Under-Bed Gun Safe

Under bed gunsafe - titan vault

If you're looking for a blend of discreet, safe, and just in your reach to pull out in case of an emergency, an under-bed gun safe is as good as it gets. It's tucked neatly under the bedside, but convenient enough for you to reach around and pull out. These use a mechanical lock, so no tech wizardry is going to help in opening the goods.

These are durable and secure, so your kids won’t be able to pry their way inside. But most of this is going to depend if they notice the safe in the first place. Even if they do, you can rest easy knowing they’re not making their way inside.


Car Gun Safe

Titan Car Gun Safe

Self-defense doesn’t stop at home. You’re more than likely to legally carry your firearm with you in your vehicle and it won’t be safe to keep that pistol in your glovebox for your kids to reach out easily. In such cases, the gun safe is your best bet. It can fit easily between the front seats, out of sight for most people but more than just accessible for you in most scenarios.

Ensure that you're following legal carry rules and acquiring a DOJ-approved gun safe.

Gun Vault

Gun Vault

For general home storage, you can opt for a convenient gun vault. It will be hard for kids to tell what’s inside, and they won’t be able to pry it open either. Just like the under-bed gun safe, it’s a convenient solution that you can rely on and forget about until there’s a situation to take care of.

If you're looking to keep those guns out of kids' reach, we have the equipment you need here at Titan Vault. The best mechanical bedside gun safe and car gun vaults, all California-approved gun safes, titan safe boxes, and under-bed gun safes are available for purchase. All the items we offer are California DOJ approved, built to last, and focus on high-quality materials to help keep you and your firearms safe.

Reach out to us today for any information.

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