Firearm Violence and Homicides

Firearm Violence and Homicides

Introduction To Firearm Violence And Homicide

Firearm violence refers to a crime committed using a firearm, such as handguns, assault rifles, or revolvers. Unfortunately, the United States of America has become notorious for gun violence crimes and homicides using firearms.

According to the latest data from the FBI, around forty-five thousand people were killed by a gun in 2020 alone. This shows how common firearm violence and homicide are in America.

Why Is Firearm Violence So Common?

Let's take a look at why firearm violence is so common in America.

1. A Vast Majority Of Americans Own A gun

One of the primary reasons firearm violence is so common in America is because, according to Statista, 42% of Americans have at least one gun in their possession. This means that nearly half of the population has firearms in their possession, which is a significantly higher number compared to other first-world countries.

2. Buying A Firearm Is Very Easy

Where there are guns, there will be firearm violence. Not to forget that research suggests that there are more guns in America than people residing in it. Secondly, the gun laws in America are very lenient, and buying a gun is not a difficult task. As a result, anyone who wishes to own a gun can do so.

In contrast, Americans require a license to drive cars; they need a license to be eligible for a teaching role; however, they don't need a license to own a gun. They can just simply walk up to a gun store and purchase any weapon of their preference. Usually, background checks or anything of that sort isn't required, which is why the situation has gotten worse.


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3. Irresponsible Behavior Of Gun Owners

Also another major reason why firearm violence is common is because of the carelessness and irresponsible behavior of gun owners when it comes to storing guns. Winston Churchill once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." This is true, especially when it comes to gun owners.

Owning a gun is as big a responsibility as using it. This means that storing your firearm in a safe location is highly important, where it is out of the reach of your children and other unwanted people.

A survey done in 2018 showed that nearly half of the people who own a gun don't store it in a gun safe or responsibly, for that matter. This irresponsible behavior has led to the demise of many young American children, which is quite unfortunate.

So, using a gun safe to store your pistol is a very important practice that gun owners should always implement.

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