Features of a High-Quality Gun Safe | Capacity, Lock Type, Weight & More!

Features of a High-Quality Gun Safe | Capacity, Lock Type, Weight & More!

If you keep a gun for safety at home, you may already know how important it is to ALWAYS be careful with them! A small negligence can lead to disastrous consequences.

Gun storage laws in California are particularly strict, and hence, gun owners residing in this US state need to be especially careful about the quality of safes they’re using to store their guns. Here are some things you need to be mindful of:

Weight and Capacity

A Titan Vault under-bed gun safe

Make sure your gun safe has a high vertical clearance, so it provides sufficient space for long-barreled guns. However, you also need to be mindful of where you’re going to keep it. If your home, office, or vehicle has a spatial issue, the gun safe shouldn’t be too large.

The size of your gun safe mainly depends on the type of gun you’re planning to store in it. If you’ve got a single handgun, a pistol vault should suffice. If, however, you need you’ve got a larger collection, you’ll need a larger one.

In addition to this, also consider its wall thickness. Make sure that it features high-quality thick steel walls.

Suitable for Emergency Needs

Gun safes that come with many security keys, electronic accessories, and batteries may look fancy, but they’re certainly not viable for emergencies when you need quick access. Since the keys can easily get lost and a complex electronic system can fail at any moment, you should always keep your guns in a safe that won’t fail you at the time of emergence.

Make sure your gun safe offers the maximum level of safety without compromising its accessibility on an urgent note.

Lock Type

Mechanical combination locks are safer and more reliable than typical locks and keys. While combination locks may be a bit trickier than a keypad or biometric locks, but the best thing about them is that you won’t need any power to operate them. They don’t require charging/recharging, are weather-proof and have a comparatively longer lifespan.




Titan Compact Vault Bundle

To ensure maximum safety, we highly recommend you use gun safes that feature a mechanical lock as they protect your gun safe from advanced hacking techniques. 

Looking for the best mechanical bedside gun safes and car gun vaults in California? Consider the products we offer here at Titan Vault. We offer California-approved gun safes at the most cost-effective prices.

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