Don't be a Target: Secure Your Home with a Bedside Gun Safe

Don't be a Target: Secure Your Home with a Bedside Gun Safe

Do you wake up feeling truly secure in your home every day? A break-in can happen in seconds, and traditional firearm storage methods might not be enough. In any crisis, time is crucial. An under bed gun safe by the Titan Pistol Vault offers a reliable solution for responsible gun owners, providing quick access to a firearm while keeping it safely secured from accidents or unauthorized users.

Our quick-access bedside pistol safes are designed for self-defense. They skip locks and batteries so you can grab your firearm fast in an emergency.  With a simple push-button entry, you can be ready to defend yourself quickly and effectively.

Key Features of Bedside Gun Safe by Titan Pistol Vault:

  • Convenient Accessibility & Rapid Access: Reach your firearm instantly in a crisis, right from your bedside table. No fumbling with codes or dead batteries.
  • Portability:  This lightweight under bed gun safe travels with you, offering security on the go.
  • Battery- Free Operation: It uses a reliable mechanical lock so there is no need to worry about dead batteries in a critical moment, 
  • Holster Design: Your gun rests securely in a built-in holster, ready to be drawn when needed.
  • Military Grade construction: Built with 14-gauge hardened steel to meet military standards. This DOJ approved pistol safe has been tested to resist break-ins, so your gun stays safe.
  • Enhanced Security: Keeps unauthorized users away from your firearm, promoting a safer home environment.
  • Air Travel Ready: Comply with TSA regulations for transporting your firearm securely 

Components and Compatibility

Within the Titan Pistol Vault package, users receive:

  • The bedside pistol safe
  • A holster that fits most pistols
  • Two mounting plates to choose from: one for the wall and another for your nightstand
  • A special lock guard
  • Screws and other things you need to mount the vault
  • Owner’s Manual /Lifetime Warranty Documents

We at Titan Pistol Vault know it's important to keep your guns safe from unauthorized access, but also have them ready when you need them most. Our high-quality Titan Pistol Vault is much stronger than anything you'll find at a regular store.

It is important for our family and our own protection to have a bedside pistol safe. The Titan Pistol Vault is a reliable and secure option for keeping your firearms safe and giving you the necessary peace of mind. Titan Pistol Vault is built in America and offers life time warranty. 

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