A Deeper Look at Small of Back Holsters—Pros and Cons

A Deeper Look at Small of Back Holsters—Pros and Cons

While the second amendment gives us the right to carry a gun, you still need to be responsible. You should be able to conceal it easily and the handgun should be safely secured. One of the ways to do so is by using a Small of Back (SOB) Holster. This holster is clipped to your belt and creates a space to carry a small firearm easily. Whenever you are not using your gun, remember to store it in a Titan gun safe to avoid any accidents.

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Pros of Small of Back Holsters

  • The curve in our backs allows the SOB holster to be one of the safest and discreet places where we can hide a gun. If your shirt is loose and baggy, it can be concealed easily.
  • The SOB holster is secured as the hollow of your back doesn’t move, unlike a holster placed at your hips, which sways as you walk or run.
  • The SOB holster keeps your pockets free for use and doesn’t obstruct your reach.

Cons of Small of Back Holsters

  • One of the disadvantages of using a Small Back holster is the possibility of getting a physical injury. The holster is usually held up by your trousers, at the base of your spine. If you fall back on the SOB holster, you risk hurting your spine.
  • Drawing the gun from the SOB holster requires some practice. As you draw the gun out, it sweeps over your buttocks, thighs, and lower back, so you need to be careful.
  • The wearer is unable to see the SOB holster when they are placing their firearm back into it. As per general safety standards, you should be able to look at your gun when you are storing it. Several accidents take place due to accidental discharge when placing the gun in the holster. When you cannot see the holster, the risk further increases.
  • Americans spend the majority of their time at work sitting at their desks. And while some of us are required to stand and move at our jobs, the long commutes force us to remain in one position for long hours. Storing a gun in an SOB holster for long periods can be uncomfortable for you and your health.
An SOB gun holster

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