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Thermal Hunting Scope TU451 Guide SenSmart

Thermal Hunting Scope TU451 Guide SenSmart

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TU451 Thermal Scope

Guide TU Thermal Scope retains the appearance of a traditional daylight scope and perfectly integrates the latest premium thermal imaging technology. The design of this scope accommodates the long-term operating habits of hunters. TU series adopts a 400x300 high-sensitivity thermal detector with three different lens options of 25mm,35mm, and 50mm, and its 10 sets of zero calibration configurations make it convenient to switch between different applications.

400*300IR resolution

50mmFocal Length


3.2×~12.8x Magnification

Full-color OLED display.

1024 x 768 Full-color OLED, High contrast, image details boost, Improving viewing comfort.

 HD 1024x768Full Color Oled Display                                                                                     640 x 480 Black & White Oled Display 

Multiple Color Palettes to Highlight the Target

Six color palettes: white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot, iron red, blue heat,

Support a one-button switch to identify the location of the target instantly, helping to achieve all-weather observations.  

 Designed for Professional Hunters,

No Need Conversion. Reticle density can be zoomed in synchronously with the image, and the reticle line width can be maintained at any magnification, without conversion, avoiding errors, and helping hunters improve shooting accuracy.

Multiple scene modes, Highlight Target Clearly.

“Enhance/Highlight/Natural” can be quickly switched by one button, the image can be adaptively adjusted for different scenes, and “Enhance/Highlight” can effectively reduce image impurities to highlight the target.

10 hours Super Long Battery Life

Support 10 hours of super long operation time. TU Series has a dual battery system which consists of an internal battery and an external battery. External battery can be replaced without power-off, ensuring all-day operations.


IP67 Protection Rating, Rugged and Durable

With IP67 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, dust, and impact. The working temperature is -30°C~50°C, suitable for all kinds of harsh weather. It also passed UN38.3 battery certification, RoHS, CE, FCC certification, etc. Quality guaranteed.


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